8,000 Interactors Fighting Human Trafficking

Kitty Hu

Kitty Hu, 2015-16 International Director of Interact District 5170

This Meeting’s Highlights
Program: 8,000+ High School Interactors Fighting Human Trafficking
Speaker: Kitty Hu of Interact District 5170
Meeting for the week of July 4 to July 10 (First Meeting of the Rotary year!)

Is this your first time to visit us? If so, welcome to our meeting!

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Welcome Members & Guests to a New Rotary Year!

Message from President Mitty

Welcome to the new Rotary Year! My name is Mitty Chang, and I am the president of this Rotary Club!

Members, it is wonderful to hear from you each every week! Welcome back!

Guests, we’re excited that you have each come to visit our online meeting. Our programs team works hard to make sure that all of our weekly meetings are interesting, inspiring, and leave you more full (spiritually, mentally, intellectually, emotionally) than when you began the meeting.

As we begin this Rotary year, I think of Rotary International President John Germ’s theme for this year for all 1.2 million Rotarians worldwide: Rotary Serving Humanity. This theme is echoed in the thoughts and the strategies of Rotary leadership throughout the world for this July 1 to June 30 Rotary Year. When you think about the theme, it’s straightforward and one that I think we can appreciate. To me, the theme represents a return to the roots of service and helping our local communities.

This year, one of my goals as president is to grow our new club (we’re still less than two years old!) from 34 members to over 50 members. At the same time, I want to make sure we focus on providing more value to our club members through new grant opportunities for members and by building a stronger community. To me, Rotary is my extended family, and every one of my club members are part of that family. I want us all to thrive and to be happy.

There are a few different new initiatives coming out soon. One of the new initiatives is a member spotlight in our meetings. Every week we will be featuring a story from one of our members about their life. We are also now actively looking for more members to step up and get involved with leadership opportunities. As our club leadership continues to meet every month to work on improving this club, we are also working hard to create more value in your membership. From grants to benefits to more web services — we want to make sure each of our members feel that our club is improving your life.

1Finally, I want to talk about live online meetings. We are making a stronger effort to provide more live online sessions for our members to interact with each other, and to speak to our program guests. We believe that we have incredible speakers who present, and we want our members to have access to those speakers. Members and frequent visitors will note that our program this week uses a new video conferencing platform called Zoom. We are testing this over Google Hangouts because unlike Google Hangouts (which has a max limit of 12 people on at the same time), Zoom has a capacity of 50 people on at the same time. As we continue evaluating Zoom over the next few weeks, we hope this will help make live recordings more open to members and guests, and make sure we’re never excluding anyone who wants to participate.

As a new club, we are still pioneering our path and there are sometimes hiccups where we could have or could still improve on. That’s where I need you to speak up. Your opinions and your happiness is important to me, and I encourage each of you to reach out to me. I’m on Facebook, I’m on Twitter, I’m on Instagram, I’m on Snapchat (@mittychang), I’m online, and I’m offline. Connect with me and message me. (If you’re a guest, be sure to send me a message on how you found me if you’re sending me a friend or connection request!)

Members, I know this year our club is going to excel and grow like it never has before. We are going to thrive together, and we are going to have fun together!

And Rotarian guests visiting from other clubs: thank you for being here! Every eClub is different from the next one, just like every brick & mortar Rotary club is different from other clubs. Our club is proud of its weekly programs, but we are also constantly working on improving the user experience here and the way we run our club. Our Rotary club has only been around since January 2015, so we recognize we are a young club. All of our services and charitable giving is funded through the love and passion of our members and our guests. We ask that you, as a visiting Rotarian, consider contributing something – whatever for you is the regular cost of a Rotary meal, perhaps – to the efforts of our club. This is optional. If you are not comfortable donating for any reason, please do not feel like you need to. Donations are gladly accepted and help power the good work we do, but they are not a requirement of attending. If you are interested in donating, there are so many different options!

  • You can make a donation via our secure Happy Dollars form.
  • Or send via PayPal.
  • Or send via Google Wallet* to: [email protected]
  • Or send via check to our physical mailing address! Those of you who prefer a more traditional approach can mail a check made out to the Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley to our treasurer: ℅ Allen Thompson, 13500 Cascade Ct., Bakersfield CA 93314.

Non-Rotarian guests, there is no need for a donation from you. As we see it, your job is to simply enjoy what you read and watch, though at the end we do ask that you let us know you were here and also leave a comment letting us know what you think. This club is loaded with folks who love sharing ideas, and we look forward to your sharing yours!

For our members and guests who live in the San Francisco bay area, I strongly encourage you to come out to one of our upcoming events. We would love to see you in person! For our members and guests who live further away and can’t make it to one of our in-person events, look out for one of our online hangout sessions!

Thank you for being here, enjoy our meeting, and Happy Fourth of July week!

Yours in service,
Mitty Chang, President
Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley
[email protected]

Power of Images

We believe in that saying a photo is worth a thousand words. Great images can inspire people and can conjure a wide range of emotions. This week we celebrate the Fourth of July, America’s Independence Day.

This photo from 1980 is of the Fourth of July fireworks display in Washington, DC on July 4, 1980. The iconic Iwo Jima Memorial statue seen in the front of the photo is located in Arlington, Virginia.

This week the United States of America celebrates its 240th birthday. Since its inception, America has fought for its independence and the freedoms we often take for granted today. This week we pay tribute and thanks to those freedoms.

And to our members and guests who reside outside of the USA, we thank you immensely for your friendship.

The 1980 Fourth of July fireworks display in Washington, DC, is seen from the Iwo Jima Memorial in Arlington, VA. (Robert K. Hamilton / The Baltimore Sun)

Original image from www.washington.org


Laughing Out Loud

We believe that laughing a little every day keeps you healthier. Every week we try to share with you something that will make you smile! This week’s jokes are brought to you by Hank Green from the vlogbrothers!

And in case you missed one of the jokes or can’t watch the video itself, here are the 54 jokes! If you watched the video above, you can skip the jokes below!

54 Jokes

1. Whats the difference between a cat and a compound sentence? One has claws at the end of its paws and one has a pause at the end of its clause?

2. What’s the difference between a Tuna and a piano?
You can tune a piano, but you cannot piano a Tuna.

3 Whats the difference between the moon and Julis Caesar?
The moon is rocky and full of craters and Julius Caesar is dead!

4. Why do you think Civil Disobedience was such a fantastic essay?
Thoreau editing… Thorough.

5. What cell phones do travelling nuns use?
Virgin mobile.

6. And how come her cell phone bill was so high?
She was a Roman (roamin’) Catholic

7. Why did they kick cinderella off the baseball team?
She kept running away from the ball.

8. And the mermaid, that was weird. What was she wearing in math class?
Oh yeah.. an Algae-bra

9. Why was the sand wet?
Because the seaweed… The sea… it wee’d

10. What happened when the butcher backed up into his meat grinder?
Uh, he got a little behind in his work.

11. My pastor, he ate too many beans. He had in his own pews.

12. The defendant is accused of putting dynamite into a steer. Abominable! [A Bomb In a Bull]

13. I’m sorry we can’t let the elephants back into the public pool. They keep dropping their trunks.

14. What did the policeman say when his tummy was rumbling?
Stop! You’re under a vest.

15. Kleptomaniacs just don’t get puns… they always take things literally.

16. When the attendant asked the photon if it had any bags to check… It said.. Nah, I’m traveling light.

17. Ah, I had a great boomerang joke… It’ll come back to me.

18. So the Pillsbury Doughboy’s pants fell off and I.. feel really weird about donuts right now.

19. What did the sub-atmoic ducks say?

20. The stormtrooper was enjoying the Wookie steak, but it was a little Chewie.

21. That girl said she knew me from the vegitarian club, but I’d never seen herbivore [her before]

22. Why are the middle ages sometimes called the Dark Ages? Because they had so many knights.

23. Where do you get whales weighed? At the Whale-weigh station.

24. Name four men that are in a rock group together but none of them sing nor play music… Mt Rushmore. They’re a rock group.. it’s a rock…group

25. [sings] I stayed up all night because I wanted to see where the sun went, and then it dawned on me.

26. The oddly pleasant feeling of looking down on a physist as they drink the last of their beer. The strange charm of a top down bottoms up.

27. How much does a hipster weigh? An instagram.

28. A man goes to a zoo and discovers there is only one animal and it’s a dog. It was a Shih Tzu

29. What do you call a snarky criminal going down the stairs? [A Condesending con descending]

30. What are the 10 letters of the pirate alphabet? Aye, Aye, Arr and the Seven C’s

31. PMS jokes are not funny… [Period]

32. So I was on a train with Einstein and he turns to me and asks… Does Boston stop at this train?

33. A Bhuddist monk goes to a hotdog stand and says make me one with everything.

34. Sherlock, what are you doing with that 200lbs shrub? It’s not a shrub, it’s a lemon tree my dear Watson.

35. How do you make Holy water? Take regular water and just boil the hell out of it.

36. Interesting story, the guy who helped me learn algebra never farted around anyone. I mean he did say he was a private tutor.

37. My first girlfriend was a tennis player but she broke my heart. It was like love meant nothing to her.

38. Ever since I got punched in the nose by that clown I’ve smelled funny.


44. They stopped a vulture from bringing his rotting carcasses on the plane but he said “You said I could have two carry on items!”

45. A Roman walks into a bar, holds up two fingers and says… Five beers please.

46. What do you call a cow that’s just given birth? [De-Calf-Inated]

47. What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef.

48. What do you call a cow with three legs? Lean beef.

49. Two legs? Yo mamma!

50. Some people believe that becoming a vegitarian is just a mistake… A Missed-steak.

51. Puns, thats a rare medium well done.

52. How do you fix a broken Tuba. With a tuba glue.

53. Where does Dorien Gray shop? Forever 21

54. Dorien Gray Jokes, they never get old!

We hope you got some laughs out of that one! A good way to start off any week or Rotary Year. 🙂

If you loved the video and want more from Hank, be sure to follow his Youtube Channel, vlogbrothers!

Meet the “You’ve Got Mail” Voice

Every week we bring you videos of innovation, inspiration, and entrepreneurship. This week we are taking a trip down memory lane to the voice of the early Internet: Meet Elwood Edwards, the voice actor behind America Online’s “You’ve Got Mail” voice.


Member Spotlight: Meet the 47 Ronin at Sengaku-ji Temple

Every week we share with you a small piece of the life of one of our club members. This week’s spotlight segment comes from club member Nathan “Nate” Gildart, an educator who lives in Tokyo, Japan! Nate takes us on a 360 degree video tour (trying panning on the video!) of the famous 47 Ronin at Sengaku-ji Temple!


That was a 360 video! Did you remember to try panning up, down, right, and left in the video?

Here’s what Nate has to say about the video:

“The tale of the 47 Ronin is perhaps one of Japan’s most well-know in and outside of Japan. It’s a true story, though as with anything in historical study there are things unknown, changes that have been made to the story, and an inevitable debate. The 47 Ronin are interred at Sengaku-ji Temple in Tokyo. It’s a Soto Zen Buddhist temple that has trained monks since 1612, when Tokyogawa Ieyasu first commissioned it. Simply put, after drawing his sword in Edo Castle on a despised court official named Kira Yoshinaka, the feudal lord from Ako (in Hyogo Prefecture) Asano Naganori was sentenced to commit seppuku (ritual suicide through self-disembowelment). His lands were confiscated and his samurai warriors deemed “ronin” – masterless samurai. Some went about a dishonoured life, but 47 of them plotted revenge in secret. This began in 1701. They traveled incognito to Edo (Tokyo) stormed Kira’s mansion on December 14, 1702. They killed many of his guards and eventually found him and cut his head off. They presented the head to Asano’s grave at Sengaku-ji, admitted to their crime and were sentenced to the same fate as their master, Lord Asano. This led them to be immortalized in and outside of Japan. To what extent the act really was a demonstration of “bushido” (the warrior’s code of conduct) is up for debate.”

Thanks for sharing Nate! 

Members, we’re looking for more stories to share so think about what part of your life you want to share with the rest of our club!

World of Rotary

The world of Rotary is vast — spanning over 180 countries in the world with over 1.2 million members. Our club is only one of thousands of Rotary clubs, each one that meets in a different place and at a different time. This segment of our meeting brings to you a little bit about what is going on in the world of Rotary this week.

A New Rotary Year!

This week we ring in a new Rotary Year! Our Rotary Year starts on July 1 and ends on June 30. Not only do our club presidents change every new Rotary Year, but so does the President of Rotary International worldwide.
Here’s a message from our now Immediate Past Rotary International President K.R. Ravindran President:
30 June 2016
My Dear Friends,
As I think back on these last 12 months, the words of British writer and Royal Air Force pilot Roald Dahl come to mind. An avid photographer who amassed a collection of over hundreds of images, Dahl spoke of his memories as being far more vivid than his photographs could ever reflect. So many events and experiences, he said, were simply impossible to capture; they could not be adequately conveyed in images or words.
Language may fail, and photographs fade, minds are fallible, and details are lost. But some experiences, as Dahl said, never dim; they stand out in our memories, even after decades, as a wall of flame. They rear up forever over the landscape of our past, dividing our lives into what came before and what came after.
When I look back on my travels and experiences from this past year, I see a bright kaleidoscope of images cascading before my eyes, day after day, week after week. The meeting at the UN when we celebrated Rotary’s women of worth. The bright flags of Nepal fluttering over an entire village that had been rebuilt after the devastating earthquake. The feeling of awe in St. Peter’s Square at the Jubilee of Rotarians celebrated by Pope Francis. Joyful gatherings around the world, in so many countries, in so many languages- with friends I had never before met, my brothers and sisters in Rotary.
To serve as president of Rotary International is a colossal undertaking, one that cannot be truly conveyed in images or words. A thousand images jostle together in my mind, a thousand recollections, a thousand emotions. Together, they form a great mosaic; together, they show the bright and glorious work done by the hands of all Rotary club members.
As this Rotary year draws to a close, I want to take the time to thank you, my friends around the world. The personal commitment of so many of you in so many countries has made all the difference. Together, we have made great strides and helped move this great organization of ours towards a bright, progressive future.
I am prouder than ever to be part of this great organization: one that makes the world not poorer, but richer; replaces despair with hope; raises up those whom fate has brought low; and is a gift to so many, while allowing each of us to Be a Gift to the World.
K.R. Ravindran
President, Rotary International 2015-16
Thank you President Ravindran for your service to Rotary! And together, as we thank you for your service, we also welcome your successor, President John Germ.

Welcome Rotary International President John Germ!

Next week’s World of Rotary meeting segment will feature information about John Germ, our 2016-2017 Rotary International President!

Photo Credit: Rotary International / Alyce Henson
Tune in next week!

Our Events & Projects

We hold our meetings online, but we hold regular service projects and social events in the Silicon Valley every month! This section is updated every week with our upcoming events. We welcome guests to all of our events and service projects listed here. Also be sure to join our Meetup Group!

All events are marked in Pacific Time and are located in the San Francisco bay area / Silicon Valley.

Upcoming Events:

Club Potluck – July 16th (Next Week) in Santa Clara, CA

It’s time to celebrate the passing of the torch, and do so with tons of good food! On Saturday, July 16th, we will descend on (soon-to-be Past) President Rushton’s home for food and fellowship. Additionally, we’ll be giving a big “Go get ’em!” to President-Elect Mitty, who will have taken the reins on July 1st. Please mark off some or all of 4 PM to 7 PM that evening. You can let us know you’ll be there with either a note to Rushton ([email protected]) or on the Meetup page.

Help Homeless Veterans Service – July 29th in Richmond, CA

Join us in Richmond, CA on July 29th in a little painting and hammering for the grand reopening of the center for the Veteran’s Resource Program which provides a clean, safe living environment for veterans who may be homeless, formerly incarcerated, or returning home from the military. They also provide services like employment placement and assistance with higher education. Let’s get together and swing a paintbrush or stroke a hammer (or perhaps the other way around)! If you’re interested, let us know on this Meetup page, where there’s more info.

Second Harvest Food Bank Service – August 20th in San Jose, CA

On Saturday, August 20, from 9 AM to 12 PM – Come join us for a morning of sorting food at Second Harvest Food Bank! We will be at the Cypress Center in San Jose. This event will be capped at 5 people. Members who went in May said this was an event we absolutely had to do again, so here we are! Members interested can RSVP with Andrew Taw ([email protected]) or on Meetup.

For Our Members: Reminders & Benefits

This section is dedicated for reminders to our members and for our members to report to us what service projects they have participated in recently. We love giving shoutouts to our members for the good work and the impact they’ve made in their local communities.

Min-E Grants Available!

Members, interested in starting a service project in your local community? Find a partner organization who is willing to commit to the service project, and our club will match up to $250 for the project! This is perfect for a local hands-on service project such as a school playground renovation for example! Reach out to Service Chair Andrew Taw at [email protected] for more information.

Dues were due last week!

Members, if you haven’t paid your dues yet, you are late! Good news is that if you get in your dues soon, there are no late penalties! (Terrific!) You’ll get notes checking to see how things are going, so please help us by getting your dues paid promptly! Thanks for being awesome! 🙂

Rotary Rewards

Did you know Rotarians get discounts to Disneyland, hotels, airfare, and so much more? All you have to do is log on to your account at Rotary.org. If you do not have an account yet, make one for free using the same email address you gave us when you applied for club membership. Once you are logged into your account at Rotary.org, look for the “Rotary Rewards” link at the bottom of the website navigation, and look through the discounts available for Rotarians!

Leadership Opportunities

We are looking for more members to step up! Please email President Mitty at [email protected] to let him know what your passions are, and what you are interested in getting more involved with. Our club is currently looking for:

• Program Committee Members: Help find and schedule speakers to be our weekly programs!
• Grants Committee Members: Help organize our internal club min-e grants applications and promote them, and help our club apply for grants with The Rotary Foundation
• Public Relations Committee Members: Do you enjoy reaching out to people over social media and talking about Rotary? Then we want you on the Public Relations Committee!
• Membership Committee Members: Love talking about Rotary, and being a mentor for newer members? Then we want your help on the membership committee!
• Events & Socials Committee Members: Do you enjoy planning social events or being the life of the party? Then we need your help in organizing our in-person AND online club events! Consider hosting an online happy hour social over web cam, or hosting one of our in-person food and drinks events!
• Service Committee Members: Do you have a passion for service? Do you want to organize service projects either in-person or online? Then we’re looking for you to get more involved with the service committee!
• Masters of Fun Committee Members: Do you like calling people and building relationships? Do you have creative ideas on how to make people come together to have a good time? Then consider joining the Masters of Fun Committee, which is in charge of keeping our club fun!

Service Survey

Member! Please share what you’ve been up to, as it allows us to get to know each other better in the process!

The Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley Service Survey

Happy Dollars

Each week we ask our members to share news with the club and toss in a few dollars to support our efforts. The primary goal for this section is to provide a fun way of getting to know each other, while giving back to a good cause.

Here are some happy dollar messages from last week’s last Rotary Club meeting of the year with Immediate Past President Rushton:

From member Brian Liddicoat ($15):

“A sparrow built a nest inside the decorative wreath on our front door. Now we have two little baby sparrows growing up there. It’s a small burden to use the back door all the time as they grow up and leave the nest in just 10-14 days but the kids are having a great time watching life in action…”

From member Linda Tangren ($25):

“A great big THANK YOU to our fearless leader, Rushton, who gives meaning to “Service above Self. Well Done!”

From member and club officer Tzviatko Chiderov ($10):

“Thank you President Rushton for your amazing leadership! Mitty, I look forward to your year as our club’s President.”

From Past President Rushton Hurley ($20):

“Jazzed to put the club in the good hands of President-elect Mitty!”

Happy Fourth of July and Happy New Rotary Year!

As we ring in this new Rotary year with our happy dollars, we encourage you to submit a couple of bucks, and tell us something you’re happy about this week!

Share with us something below!

Fill out my online form.

Selected Six

Every week at the bottom of our meetings, there is a comments section for members and guests to tell us what they enjoyed about the meeting or to ask questions to the speaker. We select six comments every week from last week’s meeting to be featured during this week’s meeting.

Here are six comments selected from last week’s meeting:

From guest Kenneth Oku (Fremont, California):

“Another well done meeting Rushton, it was great to learn more about you and the club. July is always a special time of the rotary year and this meeting was extra special, I wish the best with your writing this summer and look forward to discussing some of your knowledge on the field of history/religion you mentioned.”

From guest Kristi Govertson (Missoula, Montana):

“Rushton, it was fun to learn more about you, and I really enjoyed learning more about the Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley. It was the perfect program at the perfect time. Makeup #4!”

From member Richard Knaggs (Cape Town, South Africa):

“Welcome President Mitty. Rushton, thank you for your leadership and for the plethora of inspirational messages and stories that you have shared with us all. You have made a positive difference both directly and indirectly to the lives of many students and teachers at our school.”

From guest Nicole Pham (Livermore, California):

“Rushton! It was a pleasure meeting you at the Academy of Science and I applaud you for finishing your year strong. I’ve heard great things about your term and I can’t wait to join the eclub of Silicon Valley! I loved your beginning post about the image of the couple helping the man. It really brings me back to why I love service whether it be big or small because each gesture counts.”

From guest Brett Sham (Sydney, Australia):

“I’ve been to many Rotary club meetings, but this was my first eClub meeting and it was awesome! So great to attend and learn more about your club, I hope to be back again soon!”

From member and club officer Chris Cochrane (Ontario, Canada):

“Rushton, thank you for all you’ve done. You’ve earned your right to take ‘2 months off ‘… but only two! Perhaps you’ll do a program on your book? I’m certain your lessons will have relevance to all. Being a ‘2x Past President’ of eClubs. must be some sort of record or at least a first. You have my have full support in anything you do, help in any situation. It’s an honour to be your friend..”

Thank you everyone for attending last week’s meeting!

Be sure to leave a comment at the end of this week’s meeting after you watch the program below, and perhaps you’ll see your comment featured next week!

The Program

Kitty HuEvery week we bring to you a program on innovation, education, and entrepreneurship. This week we welcome Kitty Hu of Interact District 5170, who is presenting to us on the topic of human trafficking and how the over 8,000 high school Interact club members in her district have raised over $100,000 to fight human trafficking.

Human trafficking, one of the worst crimes in today’s society, is only growing faster and larger, affecting millions world-wide. However, this year, Interact has decided to take a stand against trafficking. We not only stand for the victims themselves, but for all who are impacted and may be impacted by this issue. We stand for youth empowerment, and for freedom.

Kitty Hu serves as the International Coordinator for Interact District 5170, working passionately to lead the district in raising both awareness for human trafficking and funds for non-profits. A travel fanatic, Kitty has already explored multiple continents in her pursuit to serve others and will soon be embarking on a trip to Haiti to learn even more. Besides travel and service, Kitty hopes to continue growing in the photography community and to eventually become a narrative film director. Kitty will be attending the University of California, Los Angeles as a film major this fall.

Related Links:

Thanks for joining us for this week’s program!

If you have any questions for Kitty, we encourage you leave them in the comments section. Kitty will be responding to comments during this week from July 4 to July 10, 2016!

Upcoming Recordings & Meetings

Ever wondered how you can join one of our live recordings to ask our speakers questions live? Well, now our recordings are available to guests as well!

Upcoming Recording Times:

Please note recording times may change depending on speaker cancellations.

  • Thursday, July 7 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time we will be recording Sam Nagar, Founder of Pixeom, an Internet of Things software and hardware company that creates a product that enables anyone in the world to start up their own cloud storage server easily in their own home. Live recording begins at 10 AM Pacific Time on July 7. The connection information is below:  

    Topic: Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley Program Recording: Sam Nagar, Pixeom
    Time: Jul 7, 2016 10:00 AM (GMT-7:00) Pacific Time (US and Canada)

    Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://zoom.us/j/7489282423

    Or iPhone one-tap (US Toll): +16465588656,7489282423# or +14086380968,7489282423#

    Or Telephone:
    Dial: +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll) or +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll)

    Meeting ID: 748 928 2423
    International numbers available: https://zoom.us/zoomconference?m=JbXguLW2WJ9TwP2kloMCze-ZRem717Vq

  • Wednesday, July 20 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time we will be recording Karolina Demiańczuk, Founder of Spontime, a social app startup company based out of Poland! Link to the recording will be posted here by Wednesday, July 20 at 9 AM Pacific Time. Please check back.

Upcoming Meetings:

  • Week of July 11 -Sam Nagar of Pixeom, an Internet of Things company that enables anyone in the world to start up their own cloud storage server in their home!
  • Week of July 18 – Karolina Demiańczuk of Spontime, a social app startup company that enables people to conveniently find places to hang out with their friends!

You’re Almost Done! One last thing: The Attendance Survey..

Thanks for reading and watching this week’s meeting. You have two last things to do before you’re done. First, we have a very short attendance survey below for you to fill out to record your attendance.

Visiting Rotarians, this is how you can get an email receipt to pass along to your club’s secretary as proof that you’ve attended our meeting if you need it for makeups.

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More importantly, for all members and guests — we strongly recommend and ask that you leave a comment below in our comments area below. Tell us how you enjoyed the program. Ask this week’s speaker any questions you might have. Or just stop by and say hello and tell us where you’re from!

Fill out my online form.
  • Tzviatko Chiderov

    Kitty, thank you for this great presentation and for all of your good work. Your passion and commitment to this issue are truly inspiring.

    • Kitty

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate the support.

  • Amazing work, Kitty! Mitty, I like Zoom – let’s keep using it. Nate, awesome history lesson!

    • Kitty

      Thank you for stopping by Rushton!

  • Ferheen Abbasi

    Kitty, what an awesome presentation! Thanks so much for your commitment to ending human trafficking. Question – how exactly do Interacts in your district raise money? Do you get corporate sponsors as well?

    Nate, what an awesome video!!!

    • Kitty

      Thanks Farheen! Our Interact district is split up into 13 areas across the Bay Area, so each area and its participating schools do their part in hosting charity dinners, benefit shows, restaurant fundraisers, and the like to raise money towards our $100K goal. We do sometimes get donations from Rotarians or other individuals when they come to support our events as well. You can definitely read more about what we are doing with our project at http://www.interact5170.org/hello-my-name-is.

  • Matthew

    Thanks to Kitty & Interact for tackling such an important issue. My family has supported Not For Sale for several years, so I’m glad to see your connection with them. In my mind, human trafficking & climate change are the two largest moral issues of our day. Thanks for doing your part!

    • Kitty

      Thank you so much Matthew! Glad to hear that you and your family are supporting Not For Sale – keep doing what you’re doing!

  • Kitty — Wow! Amazing. I’ve mentioned this to you before, but I’ll say it again: I’m constantly stunned and impressed by the humanitarian work you do. Many people go through their lives only caring for themselves and those immediately close to them. At only 18, you’ve already positively impacted the lives of so many people through your leadership, your courage, and your will. Thank you for taking the time to present to our club. Keep doing the amazing work you do! We hope to see you again at one of our future meetings — and best of luck in LA!

    Special thanks everyone who joined us in the living recording! Thrilled to see so many guests on the recording!

    And thanks to Nate for putting together an INCREDIBLE 360 video. Love it! Looking forward to more videos and 360 pieces from different members!

    P/S: Members, don’t forget about the dues and the leadership positions please! And please reach out to me at [email protected] if you have any questions or issues!

    • Kitty

      Thank you for making this all happen 🙂

  • Lucy Darwin

    As a teacher of 14 – 18 year-olds in Nairobi, Kenya, I was really heartened by everything you have achieved. I taught human trafficking this year and the kids really engaged with the issues – they were amazed that there were so many slaves in the US, having assumed it most likely child labour in the cocoa plantations etc and that there were more slaves now than when slavery was abolished and that the cost of a slave was about 25% of the price! Keep up the good work and only hope next year’s theme/project is a successful as the last years!

    • Kitty

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I would love to hear more about the work you’re doing in Kenya – sounds amazing!

  • Nathan Gildart

    Kitty, the contribution that young people such as yourself and Interactors can’t be overstated. Our planet is being passed on to you and we all need to be working together to improve the lives of all. You remind me of students at my school, who do a great deal of service work. (human trafficking is also an issue they tackle) You’re clearly going to a leader of the future and the experiences you have already as a recent high school graduate is not only impressive and inspiring, but also encouraging. The approach you took on this project and the outreach you achieved is incredible! Good on you and best of luck in your post-secondary studies!

    Mitty, great first Presidential Address! 😉

    Great photo. The Iwo Jima Memorial was one that gave me great pause.

    • Kitty

      I really appreciate your time and words; tremendous thanks for watching and commenting! Wishing you the best as well.

  • Nicole Pham

    I am so proud of you Kitty for all you’ve done for not only Interact but the world and our local community. For an interact district to tackle Human Trafficking is a true feat in itself and I thank you for dedicating your humongous heart into the efforts.

    Thanks for the great program Mitty. I enjoyed it. ^__^

    • Kitty

      Thank you so much Nicole! Additional thanks for always supporting us and bring more laughs (and tears) to the team <3

  • Linda Diekman

    Kitty, you are in inspiration to us all! Nate, thanks for the amazing tour!

    • Kitty

      Thank you so much Linda!

  • Kristofer Telfer

    Thank you Kitty for tackling this tough subject. I am excited to see where your passion and drive will take you, good luck at UCLA!

    Nate- thank you for the interactive video. The story of the 47 Ronin uniting to bring honor back to themselves and their master is inspiring.

    Cannot wait to join this club, what an incredible resource and network of caring people.

    • Kitty

      It has been an incredibly humbling experience to learn more about this issue; thank you for the well wishes!

  • Hardeep Kaur Singh

    Loved having Kitty as our guest speaker this week! Thanks for the great program.

    Excited to have Mitty as our president! 🙂

    • Kitty

      Thank you Hardeep 🙂

  • Paul Mosso

    Another great meeting! I look forward to this Rotary Year and all the great change our members and guest can enact.

  • ShagsCA

    Great meeting, oh Mighty Mitty! And a fantastic program for kicking off the new Rotary year featuring Interact, the future of Rotary. Kitty – you are a blessing to our planet and when you are ready for a Rotary Club, keep us in mind.

    • Kitty

      Most definitely! Looking forward to joining the Rotary family.

  • john lozano

    Thanks for a great meeting. Looking for to working with you Mitty.

  • Richard Knaggs

    HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY U….S….A!!! Impressive first meeting Mitty. I really enjoyed the video walk through Nate. I believe there was a film also based on the story called the 47 Ronin. Thank you Kitty for your presentation. Huge respect to you all on taking a stand against such a prolific and to be honest scary issue. You are right in recognising how important education is in combatting this problem.

    • Kitty

      Thank you for your kind words Richard! I strongly believe that understanding an issue is one of the first steps towards combatting it.

  • Martin Fox

    Rock on Kitty. Love your work in changing the game. Great first meeting Mitty. And… Loved your video Nate.

    • Kitty

      Thanks Martin! Means a lot!

  • This was my first eClub meeting to attend and what an amazing one it was! I loved the tour of 47 Ronin and the spotlight of the AOL voice. Oh memories…

    As a former Interactor, I’m very impressed with the scale of district 5170 accomplishments and Kitty’s leadership. Keep up the great work!

    • Kitty

      Thank you Judson! Always glad to meet an Interact alumni!

  • Andrew Taw

    Thanks for such great work Kitty! Loved the bit about Grateful Garments. Congratulations on how much you’ve raised!

    Also, thanks for the tour and history of the 47 Ronin, Nate!

    • Kitty

      Thank you so much Andrew!

  • BDL

    What an inspirational meeting. Kitty’s done more good in her life than I could do five lifetimes!

    • Kitty

      You’re too kind! I will definitely keep striving to do good.

  • Kitty, I’m impressed and in awe of how much you have accomplished! You have a gift to go beyond the simple giving and ask the question “why?”. Keep up the great work! Mitty, a great meeting – congrats! I look forward to many more.

    Nathan Gildart – Thank you for sharing a piece of your adoptive home! I hope you can continue.

    • Kitty

      Mark, I really appreciate your comments; thank you!

  • Well said Kitty. Every week we set a high siandard. Excellent meeting.

    • Kitty

      Looking forward to viewing the next one!

  • Kristi Govertsen

    Great job, Mitty, with your first meeting of the year– you’re are an awesome president. Kitty, thanks again for answering my question about the TraffickCam app. I will add it to my phone, and definitely use it the next time I’m traveling.

    • Kitty

      That’s amazing to hear! Glad it is being put to use.

  • Raquel D. Juncal

    Who has not read or heard about the various scenarios of slavery that were built around the first civilizations that were formed and which they constituted labor for growth of empires at the expense of their freedom and their own lives? Human trafficking exists and has always existed. Reflect on the devastating and shocking consequences it brings to the health of the victims, to their emotional and psychological dimension, to their legal status, to their economic detriment, it corresponds to the entire community. Such great work, Kitty! Hope you continue carrying out more projects as a Rotaractor 😉

    • Kitty

      I am in complete agreement! Definitely looking forward to joining Rotaract this fall.

  • Yvonne Kwan

    Nate — That 360 video is awesome! So cool to hear about that part of Japanese history and to see it, too!

    Kitty — Taking on an issue like human trafficking is no easy feat for anyone. I am in constant awe of Interactors from our district; the passion that you and your 8,000+ peers emanate is so inspiring. I’m so proud to call myself an alumnus of Interact District 5170. Good luck at UCLA!! 🙂

    Great first meeting, President Mitty!! Looking forward to an awesome Rotary year with you!

    • Kitty

      Thank you Yvonne! I always love your positive spirit and thank you again for watching the live recording 🙂

  • Mitty great first meeting! I enjoyed the member spotlight with Nate-thanks for sharing a bit of your world
    Kitty I am impressed with your presentation and all you have done already. I’m sure great things are in store for you!
    Also I just learned about TUGG and this is a way to raise money while informing people about trafficking check out this link sounded interesting to me

    • Kitty

      TUGG is awesome! There is actually a movie called SOLD that is all about one specific girl’s story as a victim of human trafficking and TUGG is one way to host screenings! Check out more info about the movie here: http://www.soldthemovie.com.

  • Lisa Highfill

    Thank you for a great 1st meeting Mitty! Great work Kitty!

    • Kitty

      Thank you Lisa!

  • Linda Tangren

    Kitty, awesome work. This is a serious problem and keeping it before the public is very important. I have one question, who will continue with this project when you leave for college?

    • Kitty

      Thanks Linda! Interact has a new International Coordinator each year, so that coordinator is in charge of selecting the next social issue that Interact tackles; however, I will continue fighting against human trafficking in Los Angeles with some film groups!


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