The Min-e-Grants Program is designed to help members choose worthy projects to support through small grants.

The basic idea is to allow any member in good standing the opportunity to identify a project in his or her community to which we can donate up to $250. The amount of money requested must be matched by another Rotary club or nonprofit organization (not the benefitting organization).

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Application deadlines

  • April 15
  • August 15
  • December 15

Past grantees

Member: Heather Shaw

Grantee: Scott Lane Elementary School

Blurb: My office ran a school supply drive for a local needy school; this is an annual event with games and prize wheels in exchange for school supplies. We involve various local businesses in the community in the effort to support the school and get more involvement/awareness. I was able to join forces with the local Santa Clara rotary to obtain a matching grant. The application process was surprisingly easy and the school was able to utilize the grant for some needed safety items.


Member: Andrew Taw

Grantee: Laptops for Good

Blurb: The Min-e-Grant process was so easy! As a grant writer, this is probably the easiest grant I will ever write. It took about 20 minutes to write and I got a few donors to come together for the match! It was actually a great incentive for donors to contribute because it offered an opportunity for a dollar for dollar match. The Min-e-Grant provided two laptops for deserving low-income students as they entered the first year of college.