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This Meeting’s Highlights
Speaker: Ashfaq Ishaq
Program: International Child Art Foundation
Meeting for the week of August 24th to 30th, 2015




Welcome to the Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley! It is without a doubt the very best eclub in the world called the Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley. Creative math, that. 🙂

This week, we’re celebrating children and their creativity, so think back to that time when each day was full of possibilities, when you regularly engaged in art, and when play was much more the rule than the exception.

Our eclub is one for which the three themes of innovation, entrepreneurship, and education guide our decisions on service possibilities, and in the technology-infused world which now surrounds us, the opportunities to be creative have expanded significantly.

If you’re dressed formally and can do so, change into something fun, grab a cookie or three, and kick back for some seriously fun service!

Rotarian guests, we ask that you contribute whatever for you is the regular cost of a Rotary meal to the efforts of our club. We provide several options below:

Send via our secure Happy Dollars form.
Send via Google Wallet to: [email protected]
Send via PayPal to: [email protected]

To pay via Google Wallet or PayPal, you’ll need to log in to your account with those companies.

Those of you who prefer a more traditional approach can mail a check made out to the Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley to our treasurer: â„… Allen Thompson, 13500 Cascade Ct., Bakersfield CA 93314.

Non-Rotarian guests, you are certainly welcome to help us out, too! Even a small amount can help us make something good happen for someone in need.



Meeting the Challenge
President-elect Mitty challenged every member to invite someone to take in one of our meetings during the month of August. Have you done so? Feel free to mention this in the comments or in the Happy Dollars section. We have such a great group in this club – why not tell others?

It’s not hard to do, of course. Send a friend a note with the message that this is how you stay in touch with people around the world who are giving their time and talent to improving their communities, and ask them what they think of it. We might gain a new member and/or some great feedback!


Creativity and Compassion

Every year, the Google Science Fair celebrates impressively creative projects by students from around the world. This student from New York created something out of a rather personal concern – prepare to be impressed. (Don’t worry if you get an odd picture below – just click ‘play’.)


The Power of Images

The image below is artwork from a 12-year-old from Indonesia named Irina. It was produced under the International Child Art Foundation’s Arts Olympiad, and celebrates a native sport “cow racing.” Why do we include this? You’ll find out soon!

Indonesian entry to WCF 1000p

Our camera czar, Keith Marsh, won another award earlier this month when one of his Milky Way works featuring Bristlecones Pines was chosen as a Daily Dozen contestant, and ended up winning by a wide margin. Way to go, Keith!

“This photo was taken a few years ago, but it was not what I considered the best image from my photo trip to the Bristlecone Pines in the White Mountains east of Bishop, California. I finally took some time to put the finishing touches on it in Photoshop before posting it on “My Shot” on The National Geographic website. Like most of my other Milky Way images, it is a composite of two images (foreground and night sky). I was surprised when they picked it for the Daily Dozen and then thrilled when it won first place in the voting.”

MilkyWayTree2 by KMarsh


What We Do

This Saturday!

On Saturday (the 29th) from 5:00 to 7:00 at Irish Monkey Cellars in Oakland (1017 22nd Avenue, Oakland, CA 94606), we’ll enjoy meeting with dozens of interesting folks from the Rotary Young Professional Summit group. The gig will also include the impressive wine offerings of the establishment, and a home-made paella from Membership Dude Shags.

I’ve had Shags’ paella before, and can tell you that you won’t want to miss it.

If you know you’ll be there, say so in the Disqus comments at the end, so we can get a count. Also, if you would like to carpool from the Santa Clara area, let Rushton know.

September Socials

Look forward to more potlucks, beer and wine socials, and much more coming up for our September and October calendar dates! If you have any suggestions for socials in the Silicon Valley/Bay Area, please leave us a comment in the Disqus section at the end of this meeting.

Hangouts Meetup

Who is up for finding a time to connect using Google Hangouts? I’m imagining a half-hour to an hour or so in which you drop in when your time allows. There would be no formal plan; it’s just a chance to connect, particularly with our members outside of the San Francisco Bay Area.



Currently holding the title of Newest Member, Hardeep Singh has a birthday on Monday the 31st. Congratulations! Yes, I know that’s part of next week, but this way, we can all wish her a happy day ahead of time.

A little history for you: on Hardeep’s birthday in 1965, the Super Guppy had its first flight. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out this truly funky-looking plane on the Wikipedia page.


The World of Rotary

District Project Fair
Prior to the September 2nd Cabinet meeting, the District will hold an International Project Fair from 4:00-6:00 p.m. at the India Community Center, 525 Los Coches Street, Milpitas. Clubs or non-profit groups with International projects will be there to tell what they are doing, and this may help us focus in on a project for the coming year.

For more information and to register for the cabinet meeting, go to this page on the district site.

Seoul Convention
It isn’t too early to begin thinking about next summer’s Rotary International Convention in Seoul, South Korea. The RI Convention is a chance to experience how amazingly international our organization is, and to be inspired by the good being done around the world. Next year’s gathering will be May 28th-June 1st, and you can learn more at the convention website.

Service Time
The good deeds moment has arrived! Have you spent any time tutoring kiddos, mentoring young professionals, reading to a shut-in, helping with a neighborhood cleanup, volunteering at an animal shelter, or anything similar lately? If so, please tell us about it! Our goal is to inspire each other to enjoy what it means to live up to the Rotary motto: Service Above Self.

Share your deeds via our Service Survey.


Happy Dollars

Got any good news? Feel free to share it, and while at it, toss in a couple of dollars to help in the club’s efforts!

member Richard Knaggs ($15)
We have selected 40 underprivileged learners to begin Project Program and will begin teaching them programming in the next two weeks.

member Allen Thompson ($15)
Because Patti has started back to work in her 2nd grade class with, as it turns out, one of the best groups of students she has ever had. Or so it seems so far! This is her 24th year working with the Rosedale Unified School District in Bakersfield and she still enjoys the challenges each new year brings.

Fill out my online form.


The Tidbit

This week, you’ll learn about a site for stories for children: StorylineOnline.


A Little Humor

In honor of the three days I spent in Saint John, New Brunswick, last week, here’s one from GreatCleanJokes.com:

I tried to catch fog yesterday, but I mist.



Selected Comments from Last Week

Last week, Chip Bowness told us about why he joined Rotary in Bangkok and the project they put in motion to help move a home there for AIDS patients. Plenty of you commented on that and other pieces of the meeting, and we’re happy to share a selection of those comments here:

guest Nate Gildart (Tokyo, Japan):

“The work Chip does is truly inspiring. We are relatives, and I’ve seen him “in action” over the years and transfer that to my own approaches to service work. The project in the hospice demonstrates a no-nonsense, get-the-job-done attitude, drawing upon a network of reliable individuals that can help improve people’s lives. Well done, Chip!”

member Keith Marsh (California, USA):

“Sign me up for the Social event in Oakland. I will let you know if my wife (Rotarian) will also attend. The My Map Tidbit by Lisa is something I am going to try for me next trip. Thanks to Chip for the program by a dedicated Rotarian.”

member Chris Cochrane (Ontario, Canada):

“Kudos, Chip. Getting things accomplished is always the goal. You’ve cut to the chase, removing the unnecessary.”

member Catherine Liu (California, USA):

“I love the story about the man using google map to find his hometown. I even watched his long presentation.”

member François Tessier (Quebec, Canada):

“What an inspirational presentation of putting thoughts to action. Your action comes from the heart and really makes a difference. I admire what you are doing. Bravo!”

member Martin Fox (Utah, USA):

“Chip – you are the definition of PURPOSE, PASSION, AND INSPIRED ACTION. Thanks for modeling the way and incorporating robust project management to give the entire process discipline and rigor.”

member Paul Mosso (California, USA):

“Chip, thank you for the presentation and telling us about your work; it is truly inspiring. On another note, Keith I love the photo, the colors and the blurring is cool.”

member Heather Shaw (California, USA):

“Great tidbit! I am considering using it to show the donors for the school drive event so people can readily find them. Thanks for the inspiration. Wow – another truly inspiring Rotary member dedicating himself to a cause. Well done.”

member Richard Knaggs (Western Cape, South Africa):

“A moving video of how technology can help us. I still can’t access the maps features that Lisa tells us about. ): I have emailed my Administrator. Chip, you are a true humanitarian.”

member Allen Thompson (California, USA):

“Every time I hear about an amazing bit of service work, I am reminded of the Nike slogan, Just Do It! Of course, it really isn’t quite so simple. It takes planning, resources, and nerve. That last one is the one that most often trips us up. And that’s where Just Do It! comes in.

Schools are opening up across the country for the new school year. Remember to look out for children and drive carefully!”

member Yvonne Kwan (California, USA):

“Chip, thank you for sharing your inspiring story with us. I think your actions resonate with everyone in this club when you saw a need and decided to do something about it. Rushton, thanks for the birthday wishes! Awesome tidbit from Lisa — I always wondered how those nifty little maps were made. Sadly, I won’t be able to make it out to the Oakland social this month, but it sounds like an amazing event!”

member Andrew Taw (California, USA):

“Chip, thank you so much for your inspiring work and presentation! And thank you Rushton for the birthday wishes!”

member Hardeep Singh (California, USA):

“Great meeting! Sign me up for the Oakland social. I’ll be there! Can’t wait!”


Make sure to leave your own comment on this week’s meeting after the program at the bottom of the page!


This Week’s Program

Ashfaq Ishaq is our speaker this week, and will tell us about the development of the International Child Art Foundation and its signature programs, the Arts Olympiad and the World Children’s Festival.

Mr. Ishaq was an econometrician with the World Bank in the early 1980s, focusing on small- and medium-sized businesses in developing countries. The successes he saw helped him come to appreciate the critical role of creativity on the part of the leaders of organizations and community efforts, and Ishaq became especially interested in how we work as a society to foster creativity in children.

What he learned was that much of what happens in schooling works against the development of creativity, and set about to launch efforts that would allow the natural creativity of our youngest children to find expression in their late elementary and middle school years.

Please welcome an advocate for all the innovative entrepreneur might hold dear, Ashfaq Ishaq.

You can learn more about the International Child Art Foundation, along with its programs such as the Arts Olympiad and the World Children’s Festival at the organization’s website.


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