//Music Communities Make a Difference

Music Communities Make a Difference

This Meeting’s Highlights
Speaker: Nathan Gildart
Program: Music Communities Make a Difference
Meeting for the week of July 20th to 26th, 2015




from President Rushton Hurley
Perhaps you’re not, at the moment, trying to keep up with the Greek debt crisis, or the ramifications of Iranian nuclear negotiations, or tracking the dozens of entrants into the U.S. presidential candidate field – sixteen months ahead of the election.

Perhaps, instead, you’re looking to take about forty-five minutes and hear about the good people are choosing to do for others through Rotary and our eclub.

If so, you’re in the right place. Welcome!

This week we’ll look at music, the cosmos, and more, as well as celebrate our collection of exceedingly hip and cool members at a potluck. How much better could life be?

Guests, we welcome your comments, and ask that you consider contributing the cost of a regular Rotary meal to the efforts of our club. Feel free to use an option below, or you can mail a check made out to the Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley to our treasurer: ℅ Allen Thompson, 13500 Cascade Ct., Bakersfield CA 93314.

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Dues Reminder

If you haven’t paid your dues, make sure to do so! You can contact Treasurer Allen with questions ([email protected]), or go to the dues page and get that handled.

Star Party

Last week, we were all treated to the most detailed pictures of Pluto anyone has ever seen. In this video, an astronomer decides he can share the beauty of the universe with others using a video conferencing tool (in this case, Google+ Hangouts, the same tool we use to record the programs for our meetings). I don’t remember who first showed this to me, but it may well have been member Lisa Highfill, who regularly inspires teachers near and far.

So, for all of our members and guests generally, and for Lisa specifically, and let’s toss in anyone who wants to find ways to make technology do something that builds goodwill and better friendships, here’s Fraser Cain’s Virtual Star Party:

Google+: Fraser Cain's Virtual Star Party

Keep imagining what can be!

The Power of Images

from Camera Czar Keith Marsh

“This photo of Mt McKinley (Denali National Park & Preserve in Alaska) was taken on a trip last summer. It is rare to see the mountain top because of the cloud cover. We were there for three days and this view lasted for about 30 minutes. It was worth the trip.”

MtMcKinleyNik2 by KMarsh



Happy Birthday!

And in the Hath Hell Frozen Over? department, I’m happy to send out a happy birthday – ahead of the actual day! Score. One of our two newest members, Paul Mosso, has his birthday this Saturday, the 25th. Hopefully he’ll celebrate part of it by joining in on the potluck (see below)! Paul, since it’s your birthday, there’s no need to bring anything. The rest of us will provide.

Happy Birthday Paul

Male pub vocals » Cheering and Whistle
by RoivasUGO from FreeSound.org
Creative Commons Attribution license


What We Do

Potluck Time
This Saturday from 1:00 to 4:00, we’ll gather at President Rushton’s home in Santa Clara for a potluck. If you haven’t RSVP’d to his email, send him a note ([email protected]) to let him know if you’re in. We hope to see you there!

C’est Bon!
Treasurer Allen continues his tour through the Land of Working Health Care. In the picture below, Allen is on the left, PR Chair Chris in the hat is behind him, one of our newest members François Tessier is forward right, and they are joined by Claude LaLiberté (Rotary District 7040 Governor) in the upper right. Claude, we hope that in meeting these seriously fun guys, you’re sharing our site as a makeup opportunity with everyone in 7040!

Allen, Chris, and Francois in Montreal 1500

The World of Rotary

How do Rotary clubs on different sides of the world find ways to work together? In this post on the Rotary blog, a Rotarian in India talks about how his club and a partner club in California have together supported a school for the poor, another for the deaf and mute, and a series of water projects that truly is beneficial to all concerned and has built better friendships.

A Beautiful Partnership of Service through Rotary


Service Time

You made someone’s life better this week, didn’t you? If so, tell us about it in our Service Survey, and inspire the group with info about how they can help others!



Happy Dollars

Each week, we ask our members to tell us about the good things happening to them and those they know, or what they have heard that they’re excited about, or something going on that inspires them. For you, perhaps it is that last week (on July 13th) was the 30th anniversary of the Live Aid concerts. If that or anything else rocks your world in a happy way, toss in a dollar or two and let us know about it!

from member Linda Tangren ($15)
Happy Anniversary to Rushton and Tabitha! Also, a belated Happy Birthday, Rushton!

from member Chris Cochrane ($20)
Our pleasure hosting Allen Thompson and his wife in The 1000 Islands, Ontario and upstate NY.

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The Tidbit
from member Lisa Highfill – Search Using Google Maps
Next in Lisa’s Travel Tips Tidbits, we’ll take a look at some of the cool ways of doing searches within Google Maps. Very cool!

Search Google Maps

A Little Humor

submitted by taocpa to reddit.com
A man was terribly overweight, so his doctor put him on a diet.
“I want you to eat regularly for 2 days, then skip a day, and repeat this procedure for 2 weeks. The next time I see you, you’ll have lost at least 5 pounds.”
When the man returned, he shocked the doctor by losing nearly 20 pounds.
“Why, that’s amazing!” the doctor said, “Did you follow my instructions?”
The man nodded. “I’ll tell you, though, I thought I was going to drop dead that 3rd day.”
“From hunger, you mean?”
“No, from skipping.”


Selected Comments from Last Week

Each week we ask our members and guests to share their thoughts on the program, and even respond to each other’s comments. Using the Disqus system at the bottom of the page to share your thoughts. You can log in using a Disqus account you create, you can also use your Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts – just click the drop-down arrow next to “Login” on the right side of that section.

Last week’s meeting with the program from Richard Knaggs in Cape Town about his school, Parklands, yielded all sorts of cool thoughts. Here’s a sampling:

member Linda Tangren (California, USA)
Richard, I loved how you incorporate learning, fundraising and community service into education. I look forward to viewing the completed project with Habitat for Humanity.

member François Tessier (Québec, Canada)
So much to say about this week’s program! 1- Happy belated birthday, Rushton!! 2- Richard: your presentation is very inspiring: Project-based learning / experiential learning is really the future of education: congratulations for this fantastic project. 3- I was a-m-a-z-e-d to view the video of president Ravi Ravindran of Sri Lanka. Thank you for this week’s rich program!

member Rushton Hurley (California, USA)
Richard, it’s great to see what your students are making happen. Inspiring stuff! Keith, that picture is wonderful – I love that it was essentially an accident. That speaks to a beauty in the random nature of our lives and interests. The important part, of course, is that you were prepared for the moment. Lisa, this is a great tidbit. I hope we’ll have the opportunity to get someone involved in technology-infused geography efforts to speak to the club at some point!

member Chris Cochrane (Ontario, Canada)
Keith I love the photo. Richard, looking forward to interacting with your learners and helping them move to the next level in video creation. Great basic video skills demonstrated with the music video in the link. I believe it’ll be a pleasure to assist your learners! Plus my wife and I are honoured to host Allen Thompson and his wife in paradise,The 1000 Islands in Ontario, Canada and upstate NY.

member Keith Marsh (California, USA)
Richard, Thanks for sharing your program. Another good Tidbit from Lisa. Glad to see Allen and Chris making contact in Canada. We are an international group.

guest Tom Baxter (Alabama, USA)
Enjoyed the presentation. I am excited for your club. I will visit back.



This Week’s Program

This week’s speaker is Nate Gildart, a teacher and musician based in Tokyo, Japan. Following the 2011 earthquake in Tohoku Japan, along with volunteering in several affected communities, Gildart wanted to find other methods to help. Upon receiving support from What The Dickens pub in Tokyo, Gildart recruited eight local indie bands and artists to put on a music fundraiser called ‘Musicians for Earthquake and Tsunami Relief’. Three similar shows followed, and a close friend, Wouter Laleman, suggested bringing international school faculty bands together for a fundraising series called ‘Teachers for Tohoku’, resulting in more fundraising shows.

Gildart was already a volunteer for TELL, a Japan-based suicide prevention lifeline and counseling non-profit organization, and was approached to produce a similar music-based awareness- and fund-raising event. The aim was to reach a new demographic, in addition to attracting new financial help. This evolved into a regular series and has included more than 50 indie artists in the Kanto area of Japan. Local artists have raised funds for another of Gildart’s projects, collaborating with Shelley Bearse of Technokids Japan, to bring technology and music for community healing in Tohoku communities still recovering from the 2011 tsunami disaster. Many of these bands have their own service projects in addition to supporting TELL, emphasizing the caring and genuine nature of Tokyo’s indie music community.

Gildart is a social studies/history teacher and technology coach at an international school in Tokyo. Professionally, his passions include encouraging young people to explore the connections between the past and present, bringing technology into the classroom (and wider school community) to enhance learning, and coaching soccer. Following his M.Ed. studies and hanging up his own soccer boots, Gildart shifted his focus to his other passion: music. In 2009 he started an alternative band called The Complaints Department, performing and playing live around the Tokyo area. Members have changed over time, but the relationship with other artists in Tokyo has continued to grow, and through this giving community GIldart has either led or participated in a wide range of music-based fundraisers.

Nate Gildart – Music Communities Make a Difference

Learn more:
Band Night for TELL
Technokids Japan in Tohoku
Walking Hand in Hand


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