//Meeting for the Week of Mar. 16th, 2015

Meeting for the Week of Mar. 16th, 2015

from President Rushton Hurley:

This week I write this greeting from New Jersey, where a small team of us has been working to inspire teachers to see new possibilities with technology. Sounds a bit like what we in the eclub do for all Rotarians, doesn’t it?

In the third week of February, we opened the meeting with a video about four college kids’ decision to spend eight weeks of their summer living on a dollar a day in Guatemala. That video sparked some great comments about what it means to seek to understand poverty, and reminded us all that there are profound needs around the world for which we might be of some help.

This week, our meeting will finish with stories of that same place, one from John, one of our members who visited the area, and another from Fernando, a young man who works there now.

Being part of a Rotary club means, in part, that we choose not to ignore those in need. We look for ways that we might assist through our talents, connections, resources, and ideas. As you go through the week, remember that you are someone who can make a difference, in ways big and small, and that you choose to belong to a group with others who feel in themselves the same potential.

Guests, we welcome your comments, as well, and ask that you consider contributing the cost of a meal to the service projects our club is putting in motion. While we do not yet have our online payment system in place (we’re really, really close!), you are welcome to mail a check made out to the Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley to our treasurer: ℅ Allen Thompson, 13500 Cascade Ct., Bakersfield CA 93314.



Selected Comments from Last Week

We hope you enjoyed last week’s meeting with François Tessier’s program about addressing the health needs of the desperately poor in Sri Lanka. As always, we want to hear what you think of our meeting, including replies to the comments of others – join in the discussion after the program!

Member Chris Cochrane (Ontario, Canada)
What I love about François is his passion. We have the same motto: leave everything better than how you found it.

Member John Lozano (California, USA)
I enjoyed hearing about Francois’s approach to “wellness.” Sounds like a great project and I am inspired by your passion to help people as you gather your team for the project.

Rotarian Martin Brocklebank (Rotary eClub of East Anglia, United Kingdom)
So impressed with visiting the first time that I came back!! … I think this is the way Rotary will go by blurring the edges between traditional and eRotary. Two of our members also visited you last week following my visit and we will probably “steal” some of your ideas!! That’s the best form of flattery, I hope. [Feel free, Martin – it’s a pleasure to share ideas with you, and the theft of ideas for a greater good is in this case just fine!]

Rotarian Andy Thornton (Rotary eClub of East Anglia, United Kingdom)
I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your club today. My friend and fellow Rotarian Martin Brocklebank suggested I take a look. Love the way that you present your site and the meetings and it’s great to be able to take part from here in the UK.

Member Lisa Highfill (California, USA)
What an inspiring presentation François shared about the work he is doing in Sri Lanka. Finding solutions that match what the needs are for a place can be such a powerful impact for lasting change. Nice Prezi, too!

Rotarian Kim Covill (Rotary eClub of the Southwest USA, Arizona, United States)
[Speaking to François:] I believe you said “A Call for Compassion…A Call for Action.” Great words for this health initiative. This will accomplish much more than clinical results…people there will know that they are cared for, that a larger world is listening, and that is one huge success in itself.

Member Shags Shagrin (California, USA)
Another outstanding meeting. Looking forward to the Charter Party on the 29th!

We hope you will leave your comment at the end of this meeting, or perhaps in an email to President Rushton ([email protected]).


Sports and Life

One of the most exciting pieces of the American sports puzzle starts this week as the NCAA college basketball tournaments kick into gear, and the players will give their all for school pride and glory. That said, some sports stories reflect deeper personal connections, and this news piece captures one of these quite powerfully.

Had you been a member of that team, whose name would you have written on that ball?



Service Survey

Have you been skipping this section? I’m hoping you haven’t, although several of our members have yet to enter something in our service survey. This is a good time to start a good habit, though, and if you have spent some time helping others this week, please let us know about it via this survey.


Club Happenings

Members, you should have received a note from Secretary Dean in the last week telling you about our March 29th party to celebrate our charter from Rotary International. We’ll gather at the South Bay Yacht Club (1491 Hope Street, San Jose) for a potluck dinner at 6:00. Those wanting to get a little kayaking time in can come in the afternoon to enjoy paddling around the beautiful Alviso Slough. Plan to be there!

The Wednesday before that (25th), we’ll also gather a group in Santa Clara for the inaugural fundraiser for Justin’s House, an organization dedicated to helping teens fighting alcohol addiction. Many of you have donated items or services for their auction, and kudos to all who have pledged gift cards, as well, as part of our club’s work to help Justin’s House raise as much money as possible. For the dinner (as of writing), we still have two seats left, so contact President Rushton ([email protected]) if interested in joining the group. (RSVP is required.)



District Happenings

Plan to join Rotarians from all over Silicon Valley April 17th-19th for the district’s annual conference. You’ll learn about cool service efforts, consume great food, hear inspiring speakers, and enjoy entertainment from a wonderful choir and a circus group! The registration form is here, and we hope you will take part in whatever your schedule and distance allow. Do note that there are plenty of pieces of the weekend gathering that don’t cost anything.



The World of Rotary

You know something about Rotary, but what do you know about The Rotary Foundation? This nonprofit supports the efforts of Rotary International, including the gathering of hundreds of millions of dollars from Rotarians worldwide to eradicate polio from the earth. Every Rotarian is asked to donate something each year to the Foundation’s efforts, and it is a goal in our club that everyone make a donation (even a small one) by the end of April.

What are the efforts of The Rotary Foundation? Click below to see.

Please also visit the homepage of the Foundation, where you can do your donation (via the blue “Give” button in the upper right) as part our worldwide team. Every member who donates by the 27th (and lets us know) will also get a big shout-out at our charter night on the 29th. Be not just a charter member, but a charter member who took part in the first Foundation effort of the club!

Next week’s meeting will feature a program from Cecelia Babkirk, our district’s point person for The Rotary Foundation. Join in, and learn lots!


The Power of Images

To celebrate the program from John Lozano this week about his trip earlier this year, here are two more pictures he took while in Guatemala.

The colorful mural is from San Juan La Laguna. This mural is just one of the many murals that decorate the city. The distinct Mayan style of art depicts a scene from above – the vista del pajaro or bird’s eye view which is passed down through the generations and still very popular today.

birdsview by JLozano (small)

The group picture is from the CISV Summer Village program in Ojojona, Honduras, for 11-year-olds from 11 different countries across the globe. As you can see from the picture, the one-month camp is full of excitement and energy.

CISV - Honduras Village - Pero Con Todo




This Week’s Program

Member John Lozano is new to Rotary, but not new to service in this community. After earning a degree in Business Administration from Humboldt State University, John started his career in Silicon Valley, but his desire to work with young adults pulled him away from the business world and into the education field. John started teaching and coaching wrestling in San Jose, and went on to earn a masters degree from Harvard University in administration. He spent time as a high school and district office administrator before returning to the classroom in 2009. John now is a resource specialist at a K-8th grade school, working with teachers to improve instruction with the integration of technology and Project-Based Learning (PBL) strategies.

Throughout John’s career he has always found time to volunteer, coach, or mentor in the community. He enjoys working with diverse populations, especially special needs students and minors in the Juvenile Justice system.

More recently, John has combined his passions for travel, education, and photography. He will share more about his recent experiences volunteering with a summer youth program that promotes global citizenship, social justice, and peace education. Also, John will detail how his global service has taken him on another adventure. A movie, a friend, and the desire to make a difference inspired this latest journey.

For more information regarding Children’s International Summer Village (CISV), visit: www.CISVUSA.org

Information for the movie Living on One Dollar www.livingonone.org

For more information and how to support Mayan Families visit: www.MayanFamilies.org

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