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Welcome to the Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley! Rotary is an international organization of over 1.2 million people seeking to make life better in their communities and around the world. You can learn much more about the work and supported causes of Rotary starting with an overview at this page.

While eclubs constitute a small portion of Rotary’s 34,000 clubs, the members of the eClub of Silicon Valley believe that our flexibility with our meetings, our ability to focus and connect both locally and globally, and our willingness to explore the possibilities of new technologies, allow us to contribute to Rotary’s efforts in powerful ways.

Being in an eclub is not for everyone. It takes an extra level of self-discipline to make time each week to attend meetings when a set time and place is not calling from one’s calendar. Additionally, at traditionally meetings, others approach you in person to engage you in conversations and invite you to take part. While members of our club are contacted by email and phone, enjoying what it means to be part of our club requires you to actively share your ideas and step forward to make new opportunities happen. In short, you are expected to be one who does, and not one who waits for others to do.

If you align with the above, however, you will find that being able to attend a meeting any time between Monday morning and Sunday evening is wonderfully useful for those with exceptionally busy schedules. There is also no weekly cost for meals, allowing our members to channel funds to other projects, such as Rotary’s efforts to promote peace, fight disease, provide clean water, protect mothers and children, support education, and grow local economies. Learn more about Rotary’s areas of focus at this page.


Applying to Join

If you are interested in joining, we ask that you begin by properly attending our meetings for at least four weeks of meetings within a two month period, whether you are new to Rotary or a Rotarian looking to move to our club. By “properly,” we mean that (1) you should read and watch the content on the current week’s meeting page, (2) you should fill out the “I Attended!” survey after the program, and (3) you should leave a comment using the Disqus system at the bottom. While you have the opportunity in the meeting to make a donation to our efforts, this is not required in order to join.

After two meetings, you should email our membership chair ( to inform us of your interest in joining. This will allow us to develop a connection with you to help you better understand the club and to assist in the process of submitting an application.

After completing the fourth meeting, you should fill out our application. The link is below, but please carefully consider these requirements and expectations before doing so.

  • Members are expected to attend weekly in order to stay up on what is happening with our club. One is required to attend at least half the time, but given the flexibility of our eclub system, we believe that your goal should be to attend every week, and make up any missed meetings appropriately.
  • Members pay $150 for dues every six months. Timely payment of dues is expected for everyone. We also offer the option to pay monthly at $28/month.
  • Members are expected to engage in club activities whenever possible. Those living in or near Silicon Valley will have multiple opportunities to join in social and service events. All members can join in the recordings of programs as participants to converse with and ask questions of our speakers.
  • Members are expected to be comfortable with internet and collaborative tools. We use Google Hangouts and Drive extensively, so it is necessary to have a Google account in order to take part in video conferences and share documents and other files. We also use Facebook for internal networking and group discussions.
  • Members are expected to be patient with online communication. When content in a meeting or email seems strange or offensive, members are expected to ask clarifying questions rather than responding directly to something that the person posting the given content might not have meant. In short, it is better to ask than to react.
  • Members are expected to understand and seek to live by the Rotary Four-Way Test, which you can find at Rotary’s page on Guiding Principles.
  • You must complete at least four meetings within a two month period of time. We strongly recommend doing at least four weeks of meeting in a row, to make sure you are comfortable¬†with making it a habit to attend the online meeting every week.

If nothing above has made you reconsider joining the club, then after finishing four weeks of proper attendance (which includes completing the attendance survey and leaving comments in the Disqus system), you are welcome to complete the application linked below.

To apply, click on one of the application links below:


We'd love to hear from you! You can use this form or send us an email directly at

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